The Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana, working with the Local Industrial Facilities and Contractors, developed and implemented a reciprocal Contractor Pre-Qualification Form and PSM Audit Process.  The objective is to provide a common process and avoid costly duplication of efforts. The process has undergone three significant programming upgrades in response to user needs and requests. The LAIA Plant Managers were the original requestors for this service and have maintained utilization in Southwest Louisiana and have agreed to the reciprocation of PQF forms and Audits from other regions who comply with the requirement to maintain the integrity of the process.

The entire process resides electronically on a secure web site operated by the Safety Council.  A remote backup website has been contracted for by the Safety Council to assure access be maintained to the highest degree possible. After paying an annual fee, contractors complete an electronic copy of the PQF that is posted on the secure web site under their company name.   At any time the contractor can access their PQF to make changes, modifications and updates – without – additional fees. Owners (area companies) may access and view the PQF for those companies they choose to do business with. Contractors have the option to determine those owners they wish to have access to their PQF.

The utilization of the process continues to grow.  Owner locations in the Beaumont/Port Author area, Bay Town, Texas City, Decatur AL have all joined in to gain the benefit of the cost effective reciprocal process.  New Orleans and several other locations are in the implementation phase. Contractors from all locations have the option to have their PQF listed in any of the areas they perform work.  The PQF is reciprocal (no additional fees) for all areas who utilize the PQF process.

Process Safety Management Audits were a key element in the development of the PQF Process and are conducted on a priority basis as stipulated by local area industry.  The completed PQF is the base document for conducting the Audit of contractors but is not the only documentation required.  Professional auditors under the supervision of the Safety Council of SWLA perform the audits based on a specific set of requirements and an Auditor manual approved by Industry. 

The web site lists the current and expired PQFs, the PSM Audits, the regions who utilize the process along with guidelines, help screens, owner PQF search procedures, administrator support (for Industry administrators) and many more benefits and options.

Since inception in 2004 the process has continued to grow to meet owner and contractor needs such as contractor Table Top Audits, Owner Specific Addendums, Contractor Integrity Management and a new Cost effective Contractor insurance verification process.

An SLCUC Oversight Committee, along with representatives of Safety Councils who utilize the process serves in an oversight role to monitor the performance of the program and approve revisions and upgrades.

 If you already have a login for the PQF system click here or below on PQF Login: 

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You can call the main line at the Safety Council SWLA 337-436-3354 and be directed to proper person to meet your needs.

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